When Decision Effectiveness might be needed

Decision making processes and models have one of the highest correlations to improving business performance. And, they're often overlooked.

  • Slow decision making?

  • Internal POWER struggles?

  • Need improved TEAM collaboration?

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Course

    • Welcome to the course!

    • POINT on "Decide to Thrive" book

    • Buy a Copy of the Book, "Decide to Thrive"

  • 2

    What is Decision Effectiveness?

    • What is Decision Effectiveness?

    • Case Example

    • Quiz for "What is Decision Effectiveness?"

  • 3

    Why is Decision Effectiveness Important?

    • Why Decision Effectiveness is Important

    • Quiz for "Why is Decision Effectiveness Important?"

  • 4

    The RAPIDS Model by Alonos

    • The RAPIDS Model by Alonos

    • Quiz on "The RAPIDS Model by Alonos"

  • 5

    Reading a Decision Rights Matrix

    • Reading a Decision Rights Matrix

    • Quiz on "Reading a Decision Rights Matrix"

  • 6

    Decision and Process Methods

    • Decision and Process Methods

    • Quiz on "Decision and Process Methods"

  • 7

    The Anatomy of a Decision

    • The Anatomy of an Effective Decision

    • Quiz on "The Anatomy of a Decision"

  • 8

    Mapping Decision Rights

    • Mapping Decision Rights

    • Quiz on "Mapping Decision Rights"

  • 9

    Change Management Guidance

    • Change Management Guidance and Decision Rights

    • Quiz on "Change Management Guidance"

  • 10

    Using Decision Rights in Meetings

    • Using Decision Rights in Meetings

    • Quiz on "Using Decision Rights in Meetings"

  • 11

    Course Closing

    • Course Closing